Corinium Psychology

Dr Marie O’Neill
D Clin Psy, C Psychol

Support for Trauma, Complicated Grief and Life Transitions

Services and Fees

Initial Assessment & Formulation

A comprehensive assessment is carried out prior to commencing therapy. My focus is not on “what’s wrong with you?”, but rather on “what has happened to you?”. This understanding will then form the basis of any recommendations for therapy. If I feel that the nature of your difficulties would benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach, or other specialist approach, then I have a duty of care to direct you to an appropriate service (either within or outside of the NHS)

Fee for Initial Assessment: £165 (90 minutes)


My approach to therapy is integrative. This means that I draw on a broad range of therapeutic models and psychological theories to engage with you as an individual, offering an intervention that is tailored to your own unique needs. Usually, we would agree to a certain number of therapy sessions in the first instance, and then review as we progress. I aim to ensure a collaborative therapeutic relationship, where you feel we are on the recovery journey together.

Fee for Therapy: £100 (50-60 minutes)

One-off Consultation

The aim of a one-off consultation is to provide you with a safe space and time to explore your concerns with a mental health specialist. This session is generally focused on a specific issue or set of issues and the goal is to support you in moving forward, rather than to act as a pre-cursor to therapy. 

This is suitable for:

  • Parents of children aged 14+ who are concerned about their young person, but are unsure how best to move forward
  • People who have engaged in therapy in the past and need a “top-up” or review session to help maintain their progress.
  • Partners of people impacted by trauma, where the individual is either already receiving support or is not quite ready to access support for themselves.

Fee for one-off consultation: £165 (90 minutes)