Corinium Psychology

Dr Marie O’Neill
D Clin Psy, C Psychol

Support for Trauma, Complicated Grief and Life Transitions


Outdoor talking therapies link traditional psychological therapy approaches with being in nature and physical activity. Research shows that being outside and connecting with the natural world has a positive impact on psychological wellbeing, reduces stress and improves mood. We can discuss during your assessment session whether a one-to-one ‘walk and talk’ intervention would be suitable to help support you to achieve your goals.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and you can find me on the General Hypnotherapy Register and I am registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. Clinical hypnotherapy is a talking therapy that typically uses a short-term approach working with you to help you achieve realistic goals. Gentle music and relaxation techniques will be used to bring about a state of mind, sometimes called a trance, which is something we experience when our mind wanders and we are day-dreaming. I use specialist language to promote your feelings of confidence and to support positive behaviour change. You are in complete control of the trance at all times, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis and can stop this sensation at any time. Clinical hypnotherapy can be helpful in many ways and has most recently been recommended by NICE as part of the management of irritable bowel syndrome for individuals experiencing a continuous symptom profile.


Clinical hypnotherapy can be used to enhance sports performance. I have a particular interest in equine psychology and can help you whether you are a novice or experienced rider to work with anxieties and fears.




The majority of clients self-refer but I can accept referrals from GP’s and other relevant agencies.